Why were the nazis successful in

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Why were the nazis successful in

Success and a Suicide The years and had been good for Hitler politically. The Nazis were now the second largest political party in Germany. Hitler had become a best-selling author, with Mein Kampf selling over 50, copies, bringing him a nice income.

Money was flowing in from German industrialists who saw the Nazis as the wave of the future. They invested in Hitler in the hope of getting favors when he came to power. Their money was used to help pay the growing numbers of salaried Nazis and fuel Goebbels' propaganda machine. Newly elected Nazis give the Hitler salute while entering the Reichstag building to take their seats.

Hitler surrounded by supporters inside the Brown House, Nazi headquarters in Munich. The German General Staff was also investing support in Hitler, hoping he meant what Why were the nazis successful in said about tearing up the Treaty of Versailles which limited their Army tomen and also prevented modernization.

The generals had been encouraged by Hitler's performance as a witness during the trial of three young regular Army officers charged with spreading Nazi doctrines in the German Army.

Hitler had used his appearance in the courtroom to send a message to the General Staff that there would be no attempt to replace the regular Army with an army of storm troopers and that once in power, the Nazis would raise the German Army to new heights of greatness.

This was exactly what the generals wanted to hear. It was however, the SA, his own storm troopers, that gave Hitler problems.

Many of the violence prone, socialist leaning SA members wanted to become a new German revolutionary army. They also embarrassed Hitler by wreaking havoc in the streets despite his order to lay low. The SA, however, and its leadership would remain a problem for years for Hitler, culminating in a major crisis a few years down the road.

It was in his personal life, however, that Adolf Hitler was about to face a crisis that would shake him to the core. Back in the summer ofHitler had rented a small country house at Berchtesgaden which had a magnificent view of the Bavarian mountains and years later would be the site of his sprawling villa.

For Hitler, then aged 39, it was the first place he could truly call home. He settled into the little country house and invited his step sister, Angela, to leave Vienna and come to take over the daily household chores.

Angela arrived along with her two daughters, Friedl and Geli. Geli was a lively year-old with dark blond hair and Viennese charm, qualities that were hugely appealing to a man nearly twice her age.

Hitler fell deeply in love with her. He fawned over her like a teenager in love for the first time. He went shopping with her and patiently stood by as she tried on clothes. This relationship between Hitler and his niece was for the most part socially acceptable according to local customs since she was the daughter of his half sister.

Young Geli enjoyed the attention of this man who was becoming famous. There were also the trappings of power, SS body guards, a chauffeur, and obedient aides.

Why were the nazis successful in

But young Geli had a tendency to flirt. Although she liked the attention of this older man, she yearned for the company of young people.

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She had a number of romances, including one with Hitler's chauffeur, who got fired as a result. Though Hitler cast a jealous and disapproving eye on Geli's romances, he was flirting himself with a fair-haired year-old named Eva Braun, who worked in the photography shop run by his personal photographer, Heinrich Hoffmann.

Hitler's jealousy and possessiveness of his niece made her life increasingly claustrophobic, especially after she moved in with him to a fancy nine-room apartment in Munich. Everywhere she went, she had two Nazi chaperons and had to be back home precisely at the time her uncle ordered.

She couldn't do anything without his permission. And each time she tried to get free of her uncle's constraints, he tightened his grip.

Hitler's niece and love interest, Geli Raubal. Hitler's stormy relationship with Geli worsened. There were many loud arguments. In September ofHitler ordered her to stay at his apartment and not go to Vienna while he was away.The NSDAP was notoriously efficient, in that all of Germany had some participation in the policies of the Third Reich (not necessarily involving in the "Final Solution").

The Wehrmacht of Germany. Nov 02,  · An overview of why the Nazis gained more support after the Wall Street Crash.

Some would say that the Nazi’s were so successful in the ’s because of the weakness of the Weimar Republic – The fact that they had set in depression and economic decline throughout the country, or that it was the spring from the depression that boosted the Nazi’s into such a . Once in office, Hitler persuaded the people and the government in certain ways that can explain why the Nazis were successful in taking so many lives during the Holocaust.

To begin, propaganda was the largest part of the Nazis success from the very start. Once in office, Hitler persuaded the people and the government in certain ways that can explain why the Nazis were successful in taking so many lives during the Holocaust. To begin, propaganda was the largest part of the Nazis success from the very start.

The first areas Hitler had in mind were Poland, the Ukraine and Russia. His perception that the inhabitants of these areas were "inferior" led him to believe that success would be easily achieved.

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