Ways to reduce bullying in school

Instead, work with your community.

Ways to reduce bullying in school

When my brother was at school, he was very often late with his homework. He often got detention. One morning, he met a new teacher. A better thing for us to do than just thinking of them as naughty is to ask ourselves questions about them and try and find out the answers.

Why are they behaving the way they are? What do they want to get out of it? Do they want to be looked up to? Are they after a bit of fun? Do they want attention? We could also try to look out for any good points they have.

While we do need to stop them in public since the bullying might well be done in public, any more in-depth talks with them are best done in private.

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If we do it in front of other people, they might feel humiliated so they might be angry and tempted to commit more bad behaviour. So at the time we want them to stop their bullying behaviour, we might say something short like, "Mark, stop that now.

For the moment, carry on eating your lunch. If we come across as looking to the future and trying to find solutions so the child can get on better with the person they bullied and with others, they might co-operate more with us than they would if they thought we were just on a quest for justice.

What do you think you could do? We can think of it as a teaching opportunity. They just might try to imitate it. And the fair discipline will hopefully teach them more acceptable behaviour as well.

I read an encouraging news article about a school that managed to reduce bullying. One student said people were "more afraid than willing to learn", and that there was a hostile atmosphere.

The first thing the principal did was to define a set of values he wanted them all to stick to, such as treating each other nicely, and he got the teachers to explain the benefits and importance of them to the children.

They ask where the bullying happens so they can increase supervision in those places. The principal, vice principal and school counsellor go over the questionnaires and identify any bullies who are repeatedly named.

Ways to reduce bullying in school

He says some bullies change after that. Some are surprised to appear on the list. But with some, more strategies have to be tried before they stop. Praising Children for Good Behaviour We might have come to think of certain kids as just bullies, and maybe certain other ones as victims.

In both situations, it can help if we can make a special point of encouraging the behaviour we want, and maybe giving a few friendly suggestions now and then on how it could be improved even more. He might also say he was counting to five before responding so he was a bit calmer when he did.

If they feel their efforts are being recognised with approval, they might have more incentive to carry them on. An example the book gives is one where we might say to boys who are working things out in a more friendly way than they used to, "You looked as if you were having a hard time sharing, but you seemed to settle it quickly and in a friendly way".

We could also encourage students to develop their problem-solving skills by asking them questions that prompt them to think of solutions to things, where the solution will be quite easy to think of because it depends on their own creativity.

We could even ask them to think of ideas that they can use to help themselves stop being so tempted to tease and name-call or bully in other ways in future. That could be especially true if we praise them for efforts we discover they are making.

A Few Other Things it Might be Possible to Do Some students might not seem to care at all about the feelings of others, hurting them without a thought about how it might make them feel.

Ways to reduce bullying in school

Whatever the cause, there are ways we can try to teach them to care more. At least, that was part of the reason.11 Ways You Can Help to Stop Bullying. 1) Learn about the issue. Media attention on bullying and cyberbullying is increasing rapidly. The more informed and better educated you are, the more effective you can be in impacting the problem.

Aug 05,  · Ways to reduce bullying in school Bullying is actual hurtful behavior directed by more powerful individuals or groups against those who are less powerful.

It is not the same thing as fighting or quarreling between people of about the same strength. As a parent or a teacher, it would be extremely heart-wrenching to learn that your sweet angels got bullied in schools.

School bullying can derail a child’s life in many ways, so it’s a big must to stop bullying in schools. Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate or aggressively dominate others. The behavior is often repeated and habitual.

One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by others, of an imbalance of social or physical power, which distinguishes bullying from conflict. Behaviors used to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat.

School culture is set by the principal.

Ways Teachers Can Try To Stop or Reduce Bullying

Here are proven ways to set the tone at your school so it's a positive place for students to learn and grow. 6 Ways to Reduce School Bullying and Create Safe, Caring Learning Cultures Dr.

Borba has effectively culminated many years of research and practice to create what she calls, The 6Rs of Bullying Prevention.

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