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Regent park

Regentesses of the Old Men's Almshouse in HaarlemFrans HalsThe term regent may refer to positions lower than the ruler of a country.

The term may be used in the governance of organisations, typically as an equivalent of "director", and held by all members of a governing board rather than just the equivalent of the chief executive.

Some university managers in North America are called regents and a management board for a college or university may be titled the " Board of Regents ".

Regent park

In New Regent park Stateall activities related to public and private education P and postsecondary and professional licensure are administered by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New Yorkthe appointed members of which are called regents.

The term "regent" is also used for members of governing bodies of institutions such as the national banks of France and Belgium. In the Dutch Republicthe members of the ruling class, not formally hereditary but forming a de facto patrician class, were informally known collectively as regenten the Dutch plural for regent because they typically held positions as "regent" on the boards of town councils, as well as charitable and civic institutions.

The regents group portraitregentenstuk or regentessenstuk for female boards in Dutchliterally "regents' piece", is a group portrait of the board of trustees, called regents or regentesses, of a charitable organization or guild.

This type of group portrait was popular in Dutch Golden Age painting during the 17th and 18th centuries. In the Dutch East Indiesa regent was a native prince allowed to rule de facto colonized 'state' as a regentschap see that term.

Consequently, in the successor state of Indonesiathe term regent is used in English to mean a bupati, the head of a kabupaten second level local government.

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In the Philippinesspecifically, the University of Santo Tomasthe Father Regent, who must be a Dominican priest and is often also a teacher, serves as the institution's spiritual head.

They also form the Council of Regents that serves as the highest administrative council of the university. In the Society of Jesus, a regent is an individual training to be a Jesuit and who has completed his Novitiate and Philosophy studies, but has not yet progressed to Theology studies.

A regent in the Jesuits is often assigned to teach in a school or some other academic institution as part of the formation toward final vows.Based in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia; we are Regent Caravans. Regent Caravans produce premium quality traditional caravans incorporating the latest technology with modern comfort and convenience features.

Regent Park is located in Orlando, Florida in the zip code.

Regent park

This apartment community was built in and has 2 stories with srmvision.comon: Regent Square Dr, Orlando, , FL. Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy is a free public charter school that is dedicated to academic excellence while preparing students for their srmvision.comon: East Seven Mile Rd, Detroit, Panglao Regents Park is not Beach Front however it is prominently situated at Alona, Tawala offering a superb combination of service, value for money and location.

It is just a short stroll to the world famous Alona Beach.

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