Pulling off the best practical joke on my friend

Dirty Jokes Honey In Your Face While someone is asleep lightly drizzle honey or syrup on their face when they feel it they should smear it all over. When the beers are balanced simply walk out!

Pulling off the best practical joke on my friend

We met through mutual friends who set us up. I love him but what he has recently done to me has really depressed me. Like when one time he prank phone called my Father and told him that I had been in a serious car accident and might not make it.

Pulling off the best practical joke on my friend

Which caused my dad to become very distraught and experience a painful pressure in his chest that sent him to the hospital, because by the time Michael told him it was a joke it was too late. Things like that that I just personally in my own opinion find to be immature.

He also never apologizes for his actions and never finds anything he does to be wrong or immature. I was really excited to see them all and just catch up with everyone on how they were doing in life. I was looking forward to this afternoon a lot. Well, at the Bbq, I was standing around getting some soda and a hot dog, and just talking to my friends, we were all laughing and joking around and catching up on life.

Some of the guys were inside watching a football game. Suddenly Michael comes running from inside into the backyard laughing with another guy friend and they start throwing water balloons everywhere. It was actually pretty funny they were just tiny little balloons and everyone was having a good laugh.

Then Michael started getting a little bit too hyper with the throwing of the water balloons and ended up hitting Jessica pretty hard in her face with a balloon.

He just laughed even more bc I guess he thought the face she made when it happened was funny and he was just like omg look at your face HAHA!

It was this point that he ran over to one of our guy friends Jason and pulled down his pants, including his boxers. Jason was obviously very shocked and said "WTF? Michael was just laughing and I guess he felt awkward bc everyone was looking at him. He then ran over to me, knocked my plate out of my hand that had my hot dog on it, and then he pulled my pants down, along with my underwear.

Everyone was staring and it was dead silent and I was so upset I just ran out of the house once I got my pants back on. I spent most of Saturday crying.

I called Jessica and apologized to her and she said I had nothing to apologize for and that if I needed to talk to her about anything she was here for me.

I now have absolutely no idea how to fix this problem with Michael. I want to break up. I do love him.

What do I do?Pranks and Practical Jokes to pull on Your Roommate. April 1, College Rentals Apartment Living, was the perfect mark for a practical joke. After a little bit of planning, being an engineering school, we decided to have a little fun at our friend’s expense.

It was, by far, the best laugh all of us had that semester. I really. “Everyone on the ground, give me all of your phones” someone had said in a poor Russian accent as my old poorly stained wooden basement door violently opened.

There was a figure standing there wearing worn out jeans a grey and an ugly one or two sizes too big grey jacket.

The perpetrator wa. Sep 24,  · Suggestions for clever practical jokes or pranks to play on my neighbour. I am in the midst of a practical joke war with my neighbours and I need some help on coming up with something clever. The last one was me climbing into my friend's jeep, pulling off the vent plates and putting little overfilled boxes full of baby power in all of.

Place maximum strength Orajel inside your best friend's toothpaste. Their mouth will go completely numb in a matter of seconds. You can also dip your friends cigarettes in the gel.

Sep 23,  · Imagine pulling a practical joke on someone on the happiest or saddest day of their life. Il mio tentativo: Immagina di fare una burla /scherzo a qualc uno nel giorno più felice o più triste della sua vita.

Apr 08,  · Do you have a good, harmless, practical joke to play on a friend? Okay, this is something me and my best friend did to our Comp. Sci. teacher senior year of high school.

Pulling off the best practical joke on my friend

jokes, the other three guys went off their heads pulling any kind of trivial, dangerous or otherwise obnoxious stunt they could think of.

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