Public health essay competitions

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Public health essay competitions

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A A A Icomment on Public health encompasses nearly every area of daily living, thus, it is difficult to find a definition broad enough to illustrate its complexity. In general, it is best to remember that public health is always concerned with the health of the group, as opposed to the individual.

It is often pro-active, concerned with preventing future threats to the heath of the public; however, at times, it is by necessity re-active.

Certain things, such as food borne illness, cannot always be prevented. This paper will serve to elaborate, within the aforementioned definition, on what public health is and the methods it employs to protect the public.

It is imperative to note that public health is always evidence-based; while there is some level of prediction involved in certain cases e.

Public health essay competitions

For example, while many believe taking zinc during the flu season will ward off contracting the virus, scientific evidence has yet to indicate this is true; thus, the preventive measures recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention does Public health essay competitions included taking zinc.

Instead, the CDC recommends, among other things, getting vaccinated to prevent or lessen the risk of contracting the flu. Furthermore, the CDC provides evidence-based information to the public, so that they understand why it is important to get vaccinated.

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Furthermore, public health is interested in using science to promote health and prevent diseases. Various health organizations, both public and private, devote an immense amount of resources to produce public health campaigns to educate the public on healthy behaviors and the repercussions of unhealthy behaviors.

One campaign that both raises awareness of the consequences and at the same time offers a solution to promote healthy behaviors is the campaign to reduce childhood obesity. Current figures estimate that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past three decades Craig et al.

In response to this, not only have public health agencies started marketing campaigns through the media to apprise citizens of the issue, but they have also petitioned government to make changes to existing laws. As a result, congress recently approved the Child Nutrition Bill, which raises the standards for school lunches to include more healthy options Pears, Prior to this bill, several states had already enacted legislation to tie school lunch funding into a requirement to improve the quality of school lunch programs.

The process that resulted in this legislation is a perfect example of public health at work. In addition, public health also works to prevent the transmission of disease. The definition of disease includes communicable diseases, as well as non-communicable diseases.

Those involved in public health, both domestic and abroad, work to educate the public about the causes of diseases, the methods to prevent them, as well as to reduce the cases of death or morbidity, due to the disease.

In March of there was a sharp and sudden increase in cases of Pneumocystis Carinii Pneumonia PCPa rare lung infection MMW weekly ; these cases occurred in different states and, without public health, would have gone unnoticed. Without the intervention of the CDC and other public health organizations, it could have been years before this communicable disease was recognized.

In addition, public health strives to decrease the disability and morbidity caused by non-communicable diseases. Non-communicable diseases are often related to lifestyle choices; thus, often this area of public health is not only devoted to research and intervention, but into using an integrated approach to change the behaviors that are linked to the development of the disease.

A case in point is the public campaign to reduce the incidents of tobacco use, by increasing awareness, raising taxes and providing free tobacco cessations programs.


In addition to focusing on decreasing smoking, public health organizations are raising awareness of the effects of second-hand smoke.

According to the Oberg et al. As a result of this exposure, in the year there weredeaths and over 10 million upper respiratory infections attributed to second-hand smoke Oberg et al. As a result public health organizations, including WHO have identified tobacco use as an epidemic and are working with governments across the globe to implement some of the changes that have resulted in a decrease in smoking in the United States.

However, with the forming of the taskforce, it is certain that we will begin to see public health work--across the globe-- to raise awareness about the dangers of tobacco use.

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In conclusion, it is not possible in such a brief paper to effectively define public health. In addition to the above-mentioned areas, public health includes our police and fire departments, local health departments, homeless shelters, vehicle emission boards, References Avert.

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Congress Approves Child Nutrition Bill. The New York Times.Aug 25,  · Thesis topics public health That has gone to school at burns state college jeffrey zax, university of toronto.

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To get the most out of health insurance plans Consolidation of hospitals and multispecialty group practices increases the negotiating leverage of the group but in certain areas of the US a single large medical system has become the sole provider of major health service thereby restricting competition (Shi & Singh, ).

Learn how a Master of Public Health (MPH) can expand your knowledge and skillset to help you become a leader in public health and policy. UNC's Gillings School, the No. 1-ranked public school of public health, Richard J. Stull Student Essay Competition in Healthcare Management – The Richard J.

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Public health essay competitions

Win Student Competitions, Challenges, Contests, Awards, Prizes, in business, management, design, arts, architecture, photo, fashion. Welcome to the third annual () national student essay contest on spirituality, religion, and Public Health.

The purpose of this national contest is to draw attention to an emerging scientific and professional topic that holds important implications for Public Health, but is too often overlooked. Oct 31,  · 5 Jul Second and third place in the essay contest went to Kennadiid Abdulla from Emory University Rollins School of Public Health and Edward Information and entry forms for the Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay The Gavin Mooney Memorial Essay Competition is a joint project of the Sydney School of Public Health at the University of Sydney, the.

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