Polymer clay jewelry projects

Pasta-making machine conditioning polymer clay. Bakelitean early plastic, was popular with designers and was an early form of polymer clay, but the phenol base of uncured Bakelite was flammable and was eventually discontinued.

Polymer clay jewelry projects

None of these techniques are new, and haven't been new in more than a decade. The projects were all much of a sameness; mould some clay or cut it out with a preformed shape or stamp it, put on some sparkly medium, put together with other pieces like it, bake, add some beads and findings, tad I wouldn't call the projects in this book "art jewelry" -- they're beyond the basics, but a ways from anything that I'd count in that category compare with the magazine Polymer clay jewelry projects that title.

The projects were all much of a sameness; mould some clay or cut it out with a preformed shape or stamp it, put on some sparkly medium, put together with other pieces like it, bake, add some beads and findings, tadaa. Everything looked kind of rough, not just the items labelled "bohemian"; nothing was fabricated to the precision I'd expect from art jewelry -- the high-key photo on the front makes it look more artsy than it is on the inside.

And it wasn't all that creative either; the most creative aspects were taken from something another person had created -- images, stamps, molds.

Polymer clay jewelry projects

Polymer clay is so amazingly versatile, it can mimic a wide variety of other materials, but you wouldn't know it if you only read this book. Everything here screams "polymer clay", when the material's strength is that it has long transcended its original purpose.

Technique-wise this book is quite poor. Foil transfer, image transfer limited to a material that isn't carried by any major craft store or Amazonuse of other materials epoxy clay, UV resin with polymer clay; none of which went into much detail.

I saw no reason for the epoxy clay at all other than knowing that it is useful if one needs extra strengththere was no demonstrated need for it with the projects in this book -- findings for brooches can be affixed with polymer clay itself, which is plenty strong enough, but the authors seemed not to know that one can bake polymer clay multiple times, so when they had a little complexity in their projects, they used the epoxy clay after baking -- using polymer clay instead means one gets a more finished look.

In I might have been excited about this book, but 20 years later, not so much. For a comparable price pick up Polymer Clay Jewelry by Debbie Jackson instead, which has much more polished projects and offers more techniques.

The authors are enthusiastic, love their creations which aren't generally ugly, though some of the colours don't work together; some colour mixing theory would be helpfuland explain the projects step-by-step, that's why it gets 2 stars.

But I am glad I borrowed it to check it out; it won't join my permanent polymer clay collection it might have been slightly unfair to read this right after reading Dan Cormier and Tracy Hughes' master class on die-forming polymer clay, but it is what it is.

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Ilysa and Kira provide instruction on sixteen different jewelry projects using multiple themes that appeal to a wide variety of styles. Teaching readers how to use unexpected tools and new tricks, they provide the ability to learn and then design something that fits their style perfectly. Perfect for beginner and intermediate crafters, this book will help readers either begin or expand upon their creative side.This page lists polymer clay tutorials I've produced, including techniques to help you make great beads, polymer clay jewelry, canes, boxes, etc.

Some projects are easy, some are more advanced, but hopefully you find all of them fun.

Polymer clay jewelry projects

Hungry for More? Do you love polymer clay and are hungry for new projects? Come check out my popular polymer clay tutorials and eBooks that cover a variety of subjects.

"Polymer clay is a wonderfully versatile material and a whole lot of fun to explore This lovely book will show you how to identify your favorite colors and use them to create successful color schemes, make your own reference tools for creating jewelry designs, and study color interactions through eleven exercises and srmvision.com › Shop › Books.

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Polymer Clay Color Inspirations: Techniques and Jewelry Projects for Creating Successful Palettes [Lindly Haunani, Maggie Maggio] on srmvision.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio are renowned for their courses and workshops on color as well as for their outstanding polymer clay work. In this book. · 8 Polymer Clay Pendant. by Sheila. (Atlanta, Georgia USA) After taking a class in polymer clay, my first clay purchase was silver, gold and copper Premo Sculpey srmvision.com://srmvision.com molds work best with polymer clay or materials that do not need to be thicker than 1/4" to 1/2" (such as art doll faces, jewelry and buttons.) My molds are made for jewelry and are not deep enough for soap bars, only thin inclusions or cameos.

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