If i could relive one day of my life essay

Perhaps you knew it was coming, or maybe it came by total surprise. The nurse comes in with a look on her face that tells you what you already know. And in that moment, what will run through your mind?

If i could relive one day of my life essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. There was a flutter of excitement in my stomach as I approached the black shining vehicle parked in my driveway with a handsome m, an in a white shirt who held the door for me.

Although it had been almost four years with Tim, I could still imagine myself as a diffident school girl who was just asked to go to prom with him. Being cautious not to stumble, I walked towards the car, nervously pressing the creases of my dress gently with my hands.

But as I stared into his eyes,I could feel all those feelings of shyness disappear somewhere. His smile was all I desired at that time. Sitting at a table of a fancy restaurant I could feel my heart pounding against my ribs, I could not help it.

While having dinner I often caught himself frowning at the screen of his cellphone. At first I decided to ignore it but then as he started to receiving calls from certain people I felt myself becoming apprehensive.

As he excused himself to take a call, all kinds of crazy thoughts invaded my mind. I could feel a lump develop in my throat, somehow I felt that I was the one who had done something wrong. The few minutes of his absence felt like an hour tome.

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During this time I caught myself taking peeks of my reflection on the glass table to make sure if I looked okay. Was it all coming to an end? Was he intentionally trying to avoid me?

I could feel these questions screaming at the back of my head and just by the thought of there being a slight possibility of that made my heart leap into my mouth.

After waiting for about ten minutes I decided that I would not be able to face Tim. Some part of me wanted to stay and wait until he came back while the other had made up her mind that our relationship was over. I took a deep breath as I felt the back of my neck burning.

I got up from my seat and taking long strides made my way to the exit of the restaurant. But what I saw next left me completely stunned.

At first all I could hear was soft music. But as I approached the door the music got louder and floated towards me with the fragrance of a million flowers. I concentrated on what I would tell him about my abrupt departure but immediately after I opened the door, I forgot what I was supposed to do.

I was distracted by the colorful lights covering every inch of the huge parking lot and the path made of rose petals under my feet.

I tore my eyes from these beautiful decorations and searched across the rows of different vehicles.

If i could relive one day of my life essay

It filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind. And then his perfect face met my awed gaze, he broke into a breathtaking smile of exultation.

Kneeling to the ground and holding a ring he said the four magical words. That moment, I can conclude was one of the best moments of my life as I could finally see my girlish dreams come true.

If i could relive one day of my life essay

That one moment is one which I would like to relive and experience again if I got an opportunity. More essays like this:Jun 08,  · I can deal with most of my other regrets in life but am having a hard time dealing with this one.

More questions on life: What are the most over-rated things in life?

A very short essay on oprah winfrey

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If I Had To Live My Life Over I would think of how I could impact the world I would start by following my heart Reading changed my life Essay old, I opened a If I could live in one place out of the country I probably would have to say I would live somewhere in Italy.

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If you could change one thing about your past what would it be and why? Sabrina says: I would prob not of made as many mistakes, but i know everything happens for a reason and i love my husband chris and i love my kids.

My life is awsome now. i wouldnt change anything becuz i wouldnt have the two most handome men in my life, my husband and.

If I Could Change One Thing In My Life. Narrative Essay “If I Could Change One Thing about Me” Xerishya Jonpaula G. Gorobao MKIT – Prof. Chona Lajom If I Could Change One Thing about Me Settings: At Home - In School Conflict: When I do have a problem with focusing on my studies, and at home, especially to my mom.

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