Gundlach presentation business insider inc

Myles Udland of Business Insider reports, Gundlach:

Gundlach presentation business insider inc

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Share Gold is having a huge day. On Thursday, surprise is the theme dominating markets, as the Swiss National Bank shocked markets early Thursday with a decision to no longer target an exchange rate of 1. This decision sent currency markets into turmoil, as the franc rallied sharply against the euro and the dollar after having weakened of late.

The price of crude oil has also been all over the placeand US stocks have been volatile.

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But the biggest winner on Thursday has been gold. That low for gold, interestingly enough, was hit after a Swiss referendum on increasing the amount of gold the SNB is required to hold failed in late November.

gundlach presentation business insider inc

In a presentation on Tuesday night, DoubleLine's Jeff Gundlach spoke a bit about goldnoting that while everyone has been talking about how much lower gold can go, the precious metal actually had a decent year inactually gaining ground in most currencies except the US dollar — the world's strongest currency last year.

Gundlach expects that gold will have a decent year inand gold is certainly off to a good start.Gundlach moved on to the European Central Bank, which has taken a more hawkish tilt compared to the doldrums of negative interest rates.

The German year yield is set to move higher when the European Central Bank starts tightening, he said. May 05,  · MarketWatch's live blog of the 19th annual Ira Sohn Investment Conference, including the latest investing ideas from the likes of Bill Ackman, David Einhorn, Jeffrey Gundlach and other market-moving investors.

Ira Sohn is minutes away from kicking off; the event is scheduled to begin at noon EDT. To see a full schedule, click here. Tune in here to find. Jun 09,  · Jeff Gundlach doesn't think there's a good chance we'll see the Fed hikes rates this year.

In his latest presentation on the economy and the markets, the so-called "Bond King" talked about the high-yield market, the Fed, and the potential the nominal GDP could be .

Gundlach sees inflation at % this year and does not think the year yield will hit 3%.


Gundlach expects, amid high stock valuations, no more than a 5% gain in the S&P unless sales rise. Thanks as always to DoubleLine Funds for allowing us to run this presentation. Dec 09,  · Gundlach also highlighted some of the complications that the crash in oil prices could pose for the global economy.

And of course, Gundlach staged a defense of his presentation's title.

gundlach presentation business insider inc

"It's always different," Gundlach said.

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