Essay on ias officer

January 20, It is said that "In order to fulfill your dreams you need to wake up". Having an aim or a goal in your life is very important because it will not only make your path right and fulfill your dreams but it will also make you inspire other people and friends. It is very important to have a dream because without dreams a man can or will be aimless. It was always my aim and dream to become an IPS officer because my grandfather was also an IPS officer during his time.

Essay on ias officer

Though the private sector may offer better packages, the list of candidates who leave their cushy job to enter public service for a lesser salary is not small. Salary of an IAS officer: Now the basic pay of entry-level IAS officers is Rs.

The salary will increase as experience increases. The basic pay of Cabinet Secretary is fixed at Rs.

Essay on ias officer

This component would be linked to inflation. You will also be given Travel Allowance TA to meet various expenses related to travel. There was another component called grade pay in government officers salary before.

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Now, this part is removed. The vertical range for each of these 18 levels is meant for fixation of pay by providing annual increment. The previous pay bands are shown for comparison purpose only. The new Pay Levels are highlighted row-wise from left to right in the above table.

The Vision of becoming an IAS in

Within the same column, if you go downward, the pay for the next years are mentioned. IAS officers are usually promoted every years.

After the level 14 salaries of all officers are same. Pay Level for each rank The Pay Levels for each rank are as follows: Commissioner in IRS Level As far as Transport Allowance is concerned, there is no increase.

Scales of IAS officers Approx. Junior Scales years.If you are interested in becoming an IAS officer, you probably know what the IAS is all about and why becoming an IAS officer is a very good career option. You will have “job security”, “discount on Govt.

services”, “Govt. provided transportation” and many more things.

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If criticizing Govenrment in the essay alone was going to make you IAS officer, then every journalist of Aaj Tak would be an IAS officer.

Essay on ias officer

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Push essay tell the truth but tell it slant analysis essay opinion on abortion essay . If you are interested in becoming an IAS officer, you probably know what the IAS is all about and why becoming an IAS officer is a very good career option.

However, just incase you do not know, let us give you some quick information on IAS!

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