Essay about stress at work

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Essay about stress at work

Stress is a part of everybody's life. Depending on the level of stress, it can control our lives, especially in the workplace. We begin to spend several long hours at work, and thus have less time for other things.

Stressed employees may be unhappy and thus produce nominally. Stress can deteriorate social and family relationships and eventually burn you out; ultimately it can take toll on your health. Organizations need to recognize stress as a problem and decide whether or not to act upon it.

Essay about stress at work

Background Information This question needs to be answered because stress is a problem that all organizations must deal with; stress can cause poor work performance and lower employee morale.

These factors can increase employee turnover rate and lessen quality of life. We all must deal with stress; question is how we handle and control it. With downsizing the buzz word in the modern corporate world, companies have become mean and lean.

Employees are compelled to be more efficient; they find themselves taking on the work of what used to be two. The result is longer hours, less time for outside activities, and consequently increased stress. According to Business Week, the typical American works 47 hours a week, and if current trends continue, in 20 years "the average person would be on the job 60 hours a week.

With all the new technology one is always connected to work and accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week. According to Business Week, it is now possible, and thus increasingly expected, for employees to be accessible and productive any hour, any day.

At a workplace, one observes several sales people working long hours, claiming it is due to under staffing. Employees reach a point of diminishing returns. The more hours they work, the less productive they are. This stressful condition causes the quality of work to dwindle.

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Consequently, clients recognize this, and eventually they terminate the business relationship. Soon the company loses, as it is built on these clients. Statement of the Objectives In this research, I expect to discuss factors which lead to stress in the workplace.

Are individuals stressed in the workplace?

What causes stress in the workplace? Who is mostly stressed: Are individuals being exposed to stress management techniques? Should employers implement stress management techniques? As a future manager, I would like to be able to determine if stress is a problem for employees; if so, implement a strategy to curtail stress in the workplace.

By recognizing stress in the workplace, employers can act appropriately to reduce stress. The outcome can benefit social and family relationships, as well as preserve ones health and make us more productive in our organizations.

Scope The research project will comprise of a sample size of 30 individuals, randomly selected from general business areas.

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The study will analyze stress factors in the U. S workforce and its impact on the American organization. Effective stress management techniques will then be presented, which will allow individuals or organizations to implement. Secondary information from various sources will be utilized to explore effective methods of coping with stress.

The conclusions and recommendations I will draw will be applicable to any American organization with stress as a problem.Jim stringham, during work stress and stressors, job stress at work and pressures of work stress,.

Need help you and worry about we work can spot the importance of the next. Because they are they relieve 5; free essays, at what your short. Essay on Stress in the Workplace Words | 10 Pages Jones Final Paper: Stress in the workplace June 18, BUS Organizational Business Instructor: Gary Priest Final Paper: Stress in the workplace Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and their behavior within an organized work environment.

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Excessive stress hinders your relationships at home, in school, and even at work. It also reduces your liveliness and energy resources that could be used for enjoyment. We will write a custom essay sample on Informative Essay on Stress specifically for you. - Stress in the Work-Place Abstract Over the years, stress at work has been a key topical issue to the world over.

Robert C. Dailey, in his book Understanding People In Organisations, defines stress as "any demand made on the body that requires psychological or physical adjustment.". Essay about visions in life vocation college essay on death golfer?

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