Definition and complication of racism

Personally, I find this a really big issue when trying to argue points because both parties come in assuming that their definition is the "correct" one and there's no real thought brought into the issue. Now this post isn't going to be me standing on a soap box but rather an attempt to get people to understand and critique these ideas in a more orderly and hopefully polite fashion. Also, I come from a psychological background currently doing the actual degree, aiming to get title of actual psychologist somewhere along the line or research maybe and I've tried to simplify ideas for the layperson.

Definition and complication of racism

Various related issues Meta-information: This article originated as one in a series of blog entries on unfair argumentation. As soon turned out, it became too long and complex to make a good blog entry at least without further subdivision —and I chose instead to write an article for my website with the intended blog entry merely linking here.

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Introduction Abuse of words out of ignorance is something we are all occasionally guilty of. Some words, however, are not always abused out of ignorance, but in a deliberate attempt to gain something, e. Below I will discuss some related issues, e. In its core that there are races of different value and almost always that ones own race is the superior, typically with a right or obligation to to take a correspondingly superior role.

In an extended sense, an alternate version focusing on different abilities could be considered an acceptable use; however, I would, personally, be wary even of this, because of the different implications and because the latter is usually an opinion held about aggregates allowing for considerable individual variation —while the former tends to involve a generalization where race is the sole determinant.

While most racial discrimination is likely based in racism, racism is by no means a pre-requisite; and it is quite possible to be a racist without engaging in racial discrimination. For one thing, legitimate actions e.

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In both cases, the pertinent question is not whether something bad happened to a member of X, but why it happened and whether things would have gone differently if he had been a member of Y.

The same applies, m. However, in the political sphere it does not end here, but abuse includes at least two more sinister cases: This development is strengthened further by the increase in migration and intermingling: When I grew up, the mother of one of my class-mates was considered exotic—being from the UK.

Today, about one in tene of the people I encounter are foreigners. Extension to include opinions and actions that are only tangentially related, e. This even extends to labels that are only negative within some groups: Either someone agrees or he is, ipso facto and per definitionem, wrong.

Is some of the criticism directed against him based in his race? The point is, however, that most of it is not: It stems from the fact that he is Democrat with ideas that are considered too far to the left by many Republicans or wrong for some other reasons.

Definition and complication of racism

As always, the question is not whether he is a black man who is criticized, but whether a white man with the same ideas would be treated differently. An interesting variation is the use of particular words to convey a strong approval or disapproval in manner that is not founded in actual facts: This just cannot be right.

Indeed, there are many things that are both ethically wrong and actually illegal that do not violate the US constitution.

Freedom of speech is a part of most definitions of democracy; however, it is quite possible to have it without also having democracy. Further, freedom of speech is something good, taken in and by it self—not because it would be democratic. This is not a matter of racism—nor is there any obvious reason or connection implying that this would be the case.

The actual explanation is likely to be found in some combination of training, circumstances, and inborn abilities, with a common dependency on frequency of exposure. Looking at extremes, if we put one black man in a society of white or the reverseone man with a big nose in a society of small noses, one Kansas-sized person in Munchkinland, whatnot, then the majority will naturally and almost necessarily identify him primarily by the characteristic that makes him stand out—and if there are two, they will equally naturally be confused on occasion.

The need for differentiation A legitimate discussion of any field requires a sufficient differentiation into categories. For instance, where immigration is concerned, it makes sense to differ between at least the following groups: Those critical of other cultures, religions, whatnot, in general.

Those opposed to immigration, per se.However, for the true conservative, we believe in God and tend to believe in the dictionary's definition of racism. It is defined as "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against.

Culture, Prejudice, Racism, and Discrimination Summary and Keywords Prejudice is a broad social phenomenon and area of research, complicated by the fact that intolerance exists in internal cognitions but is manifest in symbol usage (verbal, nonverbal, mediated), law and policy, and social and organizational practice.

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Nebula, 4, — Racism in the definition A critical discursive analysis of news reporting in two Australian newspapers. The Niger discursive crisis: Origins and neo-colonialist complications. Racism definition the . Racism definition, a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.

See more. Definition of complication for English Language Learners: something that makes something harder to understand, explain, or deal with medical: a disease or condition that happens in addition to another disease or condition: a problem that makes a disease or condition more dangerous or harder to treat.

Aug 20,  · Everyday racism is racism, but not all racism is everyday racism. From everyday racism there is no relief.

Definition and complication of racism

I am sure that there are a host of scholars and activists who would tell us that there is nothing “new” about racism.

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