Currency conversion test procedure flow chart appendix i

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Currency conversion test procedure flow chart appendix i

All new and continued grants of accreditation expire December 31 of the given year.


Non-accredited institutions and programs must apply for accreditation in accordance with Subsection 1 below. The remaining subsections apply both to new applicants and to currently accredited institutions and programs.

The Commission provides third parties the opportunity to comment on any institution's or program's application for a renewed grant of accreditation by publishing a list of institutions and programs scheduled for evaluation at least one year in advance of such evaluation.

Institutions desiring accreditation should request information and necessary application instructions from ABHES. An interested institution communicates as necessary with ABHES staff to become sufficiently informed. Officials of the institution review accrediting documents and file a formal Application for Accreditation with the required application fee Appendix J, Fees.

Currency conversion test procedure flow chart appendix i

The application fee is nonrefundable and is valid for a period of two years from date of application. The chief executive officer of the institution must sign the application.

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While no fee is associated with a preliminary visit, the institution bears all expenses of the visit. A preliminary visit is mandatory for all new applicants for institutional accreditation. Based upon the findings and conclusions of a Preliminary Visitation Report, one or more of the following actions will be taken: Institutions seeking programmatic accreditation must follow the same application procedures as institutional applicants, with the following exception: Department of Education or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation will not be required to undergo a preliminary visit.

To accomplish these purposes, instructions for completing a Self-Evaluation Report are supplied for the convenience and assistance of staff members and executives charged with the responsibility of coordinating preparation of a Self-Evaluation Report.

Information provided in a Self-Evaluation Report must be accurate, thorough and fully documented. A SelfEvaluation Report, as is required for an application, must be signed by the chief executive officer. Additionally, an institution must complete an Updated Information Report, which is provided by ABHES prior to the evaluation visit, to identify any changes that may have occurred since the submission of the Self-Evaluation Report.

A Self-Evaluation Report is a core component of the accreditation process.

Currency conversion test procedure flow chart appendix i

In preparing a SelfEvaluation Report, an applicant institution involves broad participation from all appropriate constituencies. This participation includes the chief executive officer, site administrator, program or education director sinstructors, students, graduates, employers, consultants or advisors and other appropriate constituents in the local community, including advisory board members.

A SelfEvaluation Report is confidential, restricted primarily to commissioners, staff members, consultants, and visitation team members. The Commission may share the content of a selfevaluation document if required by law, if it is in the best interest of an institution and accrediting agency, or as a means of cooperation with another regulatory agency.

In cases where the designated workshop attendee is no longer employed by the institution, a second individual with direct involvement must be appointed to fulfill those responsibilities and attend the accreditation workshop within months of the position change and preferably prior to an institution undergoing an on-site team visit.

Failure to evidence attendance at an ABHES accreditation workshop will result in an incomplete SelfEvaluation Report and delay consideration of an institution's application for initial or renewed accreditation by the Commission.

Selects a visitation team, including a team leader.

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Institutions may challenge a prospective team member prior to the site evaluation visit, with cause. Instructs team members regarding their duties. Assists in travel logistics and secures hotel accommodations for the visitation team.

Orients the team as a group prior to the visit, or individually as required, concerning visitation procedures and reporting. Ensures the completion of the Visitation Team Report s.

Visitation team members have been deemed by ABHES to be competent and knowledgeable individuals, qualified by education and experience in their field of evaluation, and trained by ABHES in its policies, procedures, and standards to conduct on-site visitations.

Visiting teams to institutions, other than single-purpose institutions, must include at least one academic and one administrator. Visiting teams to programs or single-purpose institutions include at least one educator an academic or administrator and at least one practitioner -those individuals selected from the particular specialty area they are evaluating.

Furthermore, an individual on a visitation team cannot be designated to fulfill more than one 26 of the preceding designations, which are defined in the separate glossary section.

Team members are not responsible for establishing policies nor do they make accreditation decisions. Institutions delivering programs, or portions of programs, by distance education will have that delivery evaluated by a distance education specialist. The Commission will conduct joint visitations and cooperate with other recognized accrediting agencies and government agencies as is practical and appropriate.

The institution or program is afforded, not less than three weeks from the date of the cover letter to the written report, an opportunity to comment and to submit any additional written materials it wishes to place before the Commission in response to the report.

A committee of experienced evaluators, former commissioners, and other specialists known as the Preliminary Review Committee, reviews all information relative to an application and makes recommendations to the Commission.

The Preliminary Review Committee meets several weeks prior to each Commission meeting to review the visitation report, institution's response, and other materials related to the application. ABHES then forwards all information to the Commission, together with the Committee's analysis of these materials and recommendation.

In order for an institution's application to be considered, it must be complete and in full accordance with the established accrediting procedures and all fees and visit expenses must be paid in full.

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Currency Conversion Test Procedure.

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