Cereal book report commercial

Cereal Box Book Report Students will decorate a real cereal box with the illustrations and information related to the book they read using the directions below. I expect a lot of time, effort, and hard work to be put into these reports, not for them to be completed sloppily in one night. I also will expect all directions to be followed, so a copy of the rubric that will be used to grade the book report has been attached.

Cereal book report commercial

The first will be a cereal box project and the second part will be a class presentation in the form of a commercial for their cereal. The details for both are attached and the final product will be due: Include the name of the cereal and a picture. Invent a name for the cereal that is related to the title of the book and sounds like a cereal.

Do not use the exact title of the book. It can be a puzzle, a word search, a word scramble, a maze, a crossword puzzle, a hidden pictures illustration, or any other fun activity that might be found on the back of a cereal box. Make sure it includes information from the book.

Students have to write a summary of their book. Students need to write the name of the book, the author, number of pages, and they must give the book a rating.

Students need to write the "ingredients" of their book - the characters and setting. Try to think of a very creative "commercial" to sell your cereal tell others to read your book. Cereal boxes often include a prize. Your prize must be something the main character could have used in the book or something that reminds you of the main character.

You can even include a picture of the prize on the front of your box to let the reader know what is inside the box.Printable cereal box template. printable cereal box template, free printable cereal box template, printable cereal box book report template.

Cereal book report commercial

Hello bro, My name is Kutuk. Welcome to my blog, we have many collection of Printable cereal box template pictures that collected by srmvision.com Download a free Cereal Box Book Report Template 3 | Page 3 to make your document professional and perfect. Find other professionally designed templates in srmvision.com://srmvision.com This Cereal Box Book Report Activities & Project is suitable for Kindergarten - 6th Grade.

With vibrant pictures of student work, a presentation guides young readers through the steps of a cereal box book report. Kids use the boxes to list the title, summary, characters, and setting of their srmvision.com://srmvision.com Cereal Box Book Report Template srmvision.com For designing your cereal box reports which will be added inside the box for earning response from your customers.

Download this book report cereal box template word and then customize it srmvision.com://srmvision.com /box-templates/sample-cereal-box. · Cereal Box Commercial.

You will be sharing your Cereal Box Book Report by doing a minute commercial for your cereal.

Cereal Box Book Report & Commercial by Using Your

These oral presentations will be made on Monday, March 18, You should practice your commercial at home to make sure of the timing. The goal is to make other students really want to buy the cereal (read the book.)srmvision.com  · Web view. · A Cereal Box Book Report is an exciting way for your students to respond to a book they have Create a brand name for your “cereal” based upon the title of your book.

For example, if you read Sharing Susan, you might name your cereal “Suzy-O’s” (like Cheerios)srmvision.com

Cereal book report commercial
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