Brain writing adalah tupai

Sekarang mood QQ lagi cihuy nih buat nulis, dan kayanya topik ini udah lama banget pengen ditulis, tapi emang keduluan ama si blog saingan itu Tapi sekali lagi, bukan blog tandingan dan masing-masing orang beda-beda kemampuannya dalam usaha mereka menurunkan berat badan. Jadi awaking moment-nya waktu itu adalah ketika berat badan QQ menyentuh 96kg.

Brain writing adalah tupai

A wife at 20, a mommy at 24, a Chanel addict since forever. Whenever we meet up, we only talk business for 10 minutes max. The rest are conversations about all sorts of random things.

You know, brain writing adalah tupai that you talk about with friends. From her observation, she told me that my strength is building rapport with people.

She was impressed that by the end of the first meeting, the client who was initially very quiet and reservedin the end became very talkative and he and I were already making jokes at each other's expenses.

I admit that this makes my job easy. When clients are comfortable talking to you, and they trust you, it's easier to seal the deal. But sometimes, my clients trust me too much and they are so comfortable talking to me that they would tell me things that I really don't want to know about.

Like their extra marital affairs. Let's face it girls. We really can't trust men. Example 1 Mr A is a colleagues of someone I know. Before meeting him, I asked my acquantance how is he like and what are his hobbies so that I would know what to talk about with him when I see him.

The person said that he is very nice guy and is well-respected among his peers. When I came to his office, I saw his family picture on his desk.

They look like a nice family. His wife wears a hijab and a niqab. The client was also very pleasant and respectful towards me. Ever since then he has been transferring money to her every month without fail.

Sihat bersama Shaklee. Sihat itu jihad.

He even showed me their text messages, and videos of her singing to him wtf. So I was not surprised when he told me about his torrid affairs with multiple women. What surprised me was the fact that his wife is crazy hot.

Like, dude, come on. Other guys would kill to have a wife who looks like that after 3 kids and here you are bangin on chicks who probably don't even look half as good as her. He told me that he truly loves his wife and children. He's only sleeping with other women for fun.

brain writing adalah tupai

He prefers someone who is already married or in a relationship because he wants to make sure that she only wants sex, like him. He doesn't want any commitments or strings attached.

He said one time he started to develop feelings for a woman that he was sleeping with. When he realised it, he instantly broke things off with her because he feared that things would get complicated. To him, his affection, his quality time, his money are for his wife and family.

Being in a serious relationship with another woman or having another wife is just gonna cost him, which is why he only wants one night stands. He also said, "What she doesn't know won't hurt her". I asked him, "What if your wife is doing the same thing behind your back?

My affairs are not affecting my relationship with my wife. I treat her well and I take care of my family. So if she's also doing the same thing and I don't know about it and she stays the same, then I'm okay.

O Example 3 Mr C kept telling me that he is the luckiest guy because he has the perfect wife. She cooks for him everyday without fail, she never once raised her voice to him for the 30 years that they have been married, she looks after herself, she's an amazing mom to their children, she's patient and understanding etc.

And every time he talks about his wife, he just glows. He showed me their holiday pictures where they look so lovey dovey with their hands around each other and looking into each others eyes.

I thought, wow, a guy who gushes about his wife like this.Malaysian bloggers on strike I do solemnly and sincerely join Marina and my blogging bros in declaring meluat (utter disgust) at politicians and their machais who are taking Malaysian politics and Malaysians down into the pits of shame in the name of their own glory.

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If you do not know what a CLSID is, have a look at this article I wrote many many years ago when my brain was still working optimally. Figure 2 shows what you might see if you were to open this key in the registry editor. Ekosistem adalah suatu sistem yang saling terkait antara organisme hidup dan organisme tak hidup atau lingkungan fisiknya.

pinus, dan cemara. Hewannya merupakan pemakan biji-bijian pohon conifer, seperti tupai, serangga, dan burung finch. Brain-Based Elearning Design. Online Course - LinkedIn Learning. Teaching with Technology. Selain itu sugar glider adalah binatang koloni yang bersifat sangat sosial dan tidak dapat hidup sendiri.

Sehingga jika ingin mengadopsi disarankan untuk minimal mengadopsi sepasang. Owner sugar glider juga harus selalu berinteraksi dengan sugar glidernya secara berkala untuk proses bonding atau pengenalan terhadap owner.

Their brain helps them find the food. D. They cannot live in fresh water. Creative writing Poetry appreciation Art in action Speech training Grooming and etiquette just like so many other Australian animals, for instance, the kangaroo and the koala. It sis very similar to “tupai” in Indonesia. The sugar glider is a possum.


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