An analysis of the practice of vodun worldwide

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An analysis of the practice of vodun worldwide

Voodoo brings peace amid turmoil in Haiti Reuter, Sunday 1 September The rules of the spirits provide respite from the lawlessness of the streets.

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Twenty-one of the spirits in the Voodoo religion are celebrated at the Sucre ceremony. The rest are spirits that are said to serve the devil. Nothing to lose but your chains, white slaves Haiti Briefing extract, 27 August The enduring fascination Vodou holds for westerners is based on old stereotypes.

Cultural imperialism is at its worst when religious discourse strays into ethnic comparisons. For many in the West and in upper Haitian society, voodoo, or Vodou, evokes a Hollywood stereotype, but for Vodou supporters, it is finally being acknowledged as a bona fide religion and recognized for its role in defining Haitian culture.

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A voodoo pilgrimage to Saut d'Eeau to pray for everything from good crops to an end to Haiti's political impasse. More confidence in the gods than in Aristide, but the spirits with Aristide are more powerful than those with his opposition.

Ex-Swiss diplomat seeks funds for museum to house vast hoard of religious artefacts she appropriated from the people of Haiti. At a time of deepening poverty and despair, many people in this Caribbean country see only one way out; Voodoo is Haiti's only hope.

We have nothing else—unless you're willing to risk your life to make it to the United States.

An analysis of the practice of vodun worldwide

A presidential decree dated April 4, recognizing Vodou as a religion indicates that all Vodou chiefs, temple officials, officials at a sacred site, as well as all Vodou organisations or associations are empowered to file a request for recognition by the Ministry of Culture and Religious Affairs.

Vodou's Veil By Jaqueline Charles, jcharles herald.

An analysis of the practice of vodun worldwide

Vodou is practiced here in South Florida: Shrouded in a veil of secrecy in hidden-away temples that double as private homes, and storefront religious stores known as botanicas.The argument for naturalism and fetishism in Vodun rests on some epiphenomena of its practice: the Voduns are related to different concrete elements of the universe and are materialized through specific objects to which devotional cults are rendered and sacrifices are offered (mounds of earth, metal bars, tree trunks.

Vodun was formally recognized as Benin's official religion in FEB. It is also followed by most of the adults in Haiti. It can be found in many of the large cities in North America, particularly in the American South. Today over 60 million people practice Vodun worldwide.

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A Study of Voodoo, a Common Practice of the Negros of the West Indies of African Origin.

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VODUN (and related religions: Candomble, Lucumi, Macumba, Voodoo, Vodoun, & Yoruba)