An analysis of the abortion clinics in the untied states

Nationally, half of all women of reproductive age lived within 11 miles of the nearest abortion clinic in However, a substantial minority of women, particularly those in rural areas, lived significantly farther away. One in five women across the country would need to travel at least 43 miles to reach the nearest abortion clinic. Census Bureau in order to conduct the first-ever study of the distance to the nearest abortion provider for all U.

An analysis of the abortion clinics in the untied states

State-level abortion regulations are likely to affect women differently based on their geographic location and socioeconomic status. Women who undergo abortions are disproportionately lower-income compared with other women of similar age: Seventeen percent of women travel more than 50 miles to obtain an abortion.

A New Health System for the 21st Century. What is the evidence on what clinical skills are necessary for health care providers to safely perform the various components of abortion care, including pregnancy determination, counseling, gestational age assessment, medication dispensing, procedure performance, patient monitoring, and follow-up assessment and care?

Required skills All abortion procedures require competent providers skilled in patient preparation education, counseling, and informed consent ; clinical assessment confirming intrauterine pregnancy, determining gestation, taking a relevant medical history, and physical examination ; pain management; identification and management of expected side effects and serious complications; and contraceptive counseling and provision.

An analysis of the abortion clinics in the untied states

To provide medication abortions, the clinician should be skilled in all these areas. To provide aspiration abortions, the clinician should also be skilled in the technical aspects of an aspiration procedure. The National Academies Press.

To provide induction abortions, the clinician requires the skills needed for managing labor and delivery. The extensive body of research documenting the safety of abortion care in the United States reflects the outcomes of abortions provided by thousands of individual clinicians. The use of sedation and anesthesia may require special expertise.

If moderate sedation is used, it is essential to have a nurse or other qualified clinical staff—in addition to the person performing the abortion—available to monitor the patient, as is the case for any other medical procedure.

Deep sedation and general anesthesia require the expertise of an anesthesiologist or certified registered nurse anesthetist to ensure patient safety. What safeguards are necessary to manage medical emergencies arising from abortion interventions?

The key safeguards—for abortions and all outpatient procedures—are whether the facility has the appropriate equipment, personnel, and emergency transfer plan to address any complications that might occur. No special equipment or emergency arrangements are required for medication abortions; however, clinics should provide a hour clinician-staffed telephone line and have a plan to provide emergency care to patients after hours.

If moderate sedation is used during an aspiration abortion, the facility should have emergency resuscitation equipment and an emergency transfer plan, as well as equipment to monitor oxygen saturation, heart rate, and blood pressure.

An analysis of the abortion clinics in the untied states

The committee found no evidence indicating that clinicians that perform abortions require hospital privileges to ensure a safe outcome for the patient. Providers should, however, be able to provide or arrange for patient access or transfer to medical facilities equipped to provide blood transfusions, surgical intervention, and resuscitation, if necessary.

Page 15 Share Cite Suggested Citation: What is the evidence on the safe provision of pain management for abortion care? Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs are recommended to reduce the discomfort of pain and cramping during a medication abortion. Some women still report high levels of pain, and researchers are exploring new ways to provide prophylactic pain management for medication abortion.

The greatest risk of using sedative agents is respiratory depression. The vast majority of abortion patients are healthy and medically eligible for all levels of sedation in office-based settings.

United States Abortion | Guttmacher Institute When the gods gave people sex, they gave us a wonderful thing. Kung saying - Nisa.
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Latest Health Headlines Hence, if an abortion occurs at 8 weeks gestation, it is actually aborting a 6 week embryo.
You are here Anti-Abortion Directory A listing of organizations in the United States and Canada that are working to end abortion I have attempted to include only organizations whose main emphasis, or at least one of their main emphases, is abortion. I have omitted organizations that exist for other purposes and only mention abortion as a "side issue".

As noted above see Questions 4 and 6if sedation is used, the facility should be appropriately equipped and staffed. What are the research gaps associated with the provision of safe, high-quality care from pre- to postabortion?

The committee decided that its findings and conclusions fully respond to this charge.Download-Theses Mercredi 10 juin Claim: “Seven out of nations allow elective abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.”Geppetto Checkmark. Abortion Statistics A report released February 3, by the Guttmacher Institute found that abortion rates and ratios are continuing to decline in the United States – but downplayed the role that public debate over the rights of unborn children have played in this trend.

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